Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Rebooting" A Vegetable Juice Fast Adventure

A few weeks ago, I spent 48 hours doing a vegetable juice fast.  I went to Whole Foods and purchased freshly made vegetable juice and spent the entire weekend just taking in vegetable juice.  What surprised me most, was that I never once felt hungry and by the second day I felt like a new person.  I felt 20 years younger.   There was a pep to my step that I had not experienced in a long time.  I felt lite, inside and out.  Now to be honest here and disclose all the facts, I had done an intestinal cleanse the two days prior to the vegetable fast, so I had a head start on the cleansing aspect.  My mind was clearer, my thoughts more organized.  I slept fantastic and my energy was top speed.  I had only committed to 48 hours and that's what I did.  However, in the days and weeks that followed, all I could think about was how I had felt, and how much weight I had lost in such a short time, weight that did not go back on once I started eating again.  More than a pound a day was gone.  I have been fighting with bursitis in my knee for a long time and even that was better. 
I decided to do more juicing, only problem, our beloved Champion Juicer decided to die after 27 years of service.  A friend suggested I try a Breville Juicer this time and since I trust her advice, that is what we purchased.  While I was waiting for it to be delivered., I spent lots of time reading about vegetable juice fasting and watched the DVD, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  I was convinced that I to wanted to try a prolonged juice fast.    I watched the movie on Hulu free but ordered the DVD anyway, just to have it.   My new Breville Juicer arrived in the mail today and I headed right out to the food store to purchase what I needed for the first weeks fast.  I opted for all organic produce, its more expensive, but for me it was worth it and doable.  I fasted with water all day, and had my first Mean Green drink tonight and it was wonderful.  Good taste and it was satisfying.     I got a bit carried away with juicing, its so much fun and so easy with this juicer, so there is enough juice  in the fridge for a couple days now.
I am committing to two weeks, and if all goes well, then a month and if one month is giving me the results I desire, then I will go for the full 60 days, having blood work done at the one month mark and then further along should I continue on to the 60 days.  Looking forward to a renewed health and lots of energy !  


Lisa said...

Amazing timing Pat! My daughters and I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead the first part of July. My oldest daughter started green juice fasting July 16 and lost ten pounds in the first week. She has a lot of weight to lose and recognizes that she has been addicted to food and eating. I have also ordered her the book Made To Crave which is about turning to God rather than food. I am drinking green juice as well and have noticed increased energy along with other benefits. My daughter would benefit from two months but right now, is aiming for one. She has never liked smoothies or milkshakes, but has learned to enjoy green juices especially when I include plenty of lemon juice. I will tell her you are on the journey too!

Jacqui said...

Thanks for posting this Patty. I'm following this journey of yours with great interest.

What are you doing about protein in your diet? Isn't that an important and necessary part of a healthy diet?

I'm not sure that I could a juice fast myself, but I've been looking at smoothie recipes. A friends daughter is also starting smoothies and I ended up borrowing another friends blender so I can try and see if this is something I will actually do! I'm just thinking of this for breakfast, it will get me more fruits and veggies into my diet and less of the sugar and other nasty stuff that's in cereal. Maybe I can get my day off to a better start.

I'm glad to see that you are feeling so good on this fast, and the fact that your knee is better is amazing!

Thanks again for sharing your journey.


Jacqui said...

I thought I should let you know that I mentioned you on my blog post today and linked back to your blog and this post.


Judy Laquidara said...

We bought the Breville juicer after watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead earlier this year and we love it! Really love it! Good luck with juice fast.

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