Wednesday, July 25, 2012


"Contentment is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty"
Spending time with family, having a welcoming home, having a life filled with love, good health, all give one the greatest level of contentment.   Each day I wake up thanking God for the life I have.  This past weekend we spent in Austin with our oldest daughter and her husband in their new home.  What fun we had.  And this week, I have had lots of time with two of the grandchildren and nothing could be better than be surrounded by children's laughter and all those hugs and kisses they so freely give.   Yen, got kissed good-bye from mommy when she was headed off to an appointment, he had the evidence on his face to prove he was kissed !  Miss Mei is doing well, still needing prayer as her last visit to the neurologist was not a good one.  There is a serious problem with her spine that needs to be watched, with a few restrictions put on her activities that will be difficult for a 5 year old.    In life, we learn, the things that matter can not be purchased, but are the things we hold in our hearts.  Contentment is felt in the heart !

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