Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 6

Day 6 has arrived with some changes.  I broke my juice only fast last night by eating a banana and a scrambled egg.  I just felt bad.  My gums and tongue have been beyond sore from all the juicing, which I now found out is pretty normal.  I felt shaky and weak.  The little meal helped so much.  That all being said, I am still committed to doing this fast, perhaps with a modification here and there, like having a small meal when I feel the need, keeping it mostly raw, unless I feel  like I need an egg from our hens.  I did 5 days without eating solid food, a good detox.  Now, its a "rebooting" time.  I have lost 5 lbs in 6 days.  My bursitis in my knee is gone for the first time in  two years.  My blood pressure is the lowest it has been in a long time, its not been high, but now its like when I was 20.  106/65 seems to be the average for the past week.  But, aside from all the physical aspects of this fast, the spiritual side is by far the most beneficial to me.  I can only sum up how I feel by using the word, "centered".  It is no surprise to me at all that all the major religions in the world use fasting as a means to a deeper spiritual connection.  I suspect God has programmed us for this in some way.  It feels as though in a matter of two days, I saw with extreme clarity, the important aspects of life.  The "what really matters".  Sure, I knew all this before the fast, and would tell you what really mattered in life had nothing to do with anything beyond what we hold in our hearts, but now I FEEL it in a depth I have never experienced before, well, I take that back.  I have felt it with a sense of panic each and every time my children or grandchild has been in grave danger. But that is not a comforting sort of knowing something. This is.  I feel at peace, knowing what I need to discard from my life and know without a doubt what I need to treasure, nurture and cultivate.  I feel the presence of God. It is as if His breath can be felt on my head each time the air stirs.  Its changed my direction in life, changed what I had come to value in things and status. 
I long for quiet times, and music that I had been listening to, sounds like chaos to me now.  I long for more prayer time, and a deeper understanding of what God really wants from us, from me on a far deeper level.  Its so much more than knowing the right lingo, the right phrases to say in regard to my relationship to God.  For this alone, this fast has been priceless.  I suspect there will be days in the future where solid food is just not in the picture so I can hear that small still voice so clearly.


Peacemom said...

I completely understand where you are coming from with the spiritual awareness being heightened. I felt happier and also WELL. I may have to do this again soon, you've reminded me about the best reasons to do the cleansing juice fast. And don't fret if you need solids during this time. Listen to your body, it won't steer you wrong. Eggs and banana are hearty in a way but also easily digested, so you just needed that at that time.

Janette said...

I understand your need to become more spiritually connected.
Please be careful with low blood pressure. I naturally have low blood pressure and my doctor Didn't like it. Praying you find what you are looking for.

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