Thursday, May 10, 2012

Morning Ramble

Sometimes its good to just sit and think.   This morning was one of those mornings.  Random thoughts, entertained for a bit as they entered my brain.  Did  this wonderful King of the Universe, plan each and every detail of what I am seeing from my back porch ?   How amazing.   I have trouble figuring out all the possible outcomes of my plans for a vacation !   Is there some reason we have different blood types among us humans ?    Are Edgar and his buddies discussing the days plans with all their chatter each morning ?  Crows are that smart it seems.   Why did God choose Ravens to feed Elijah ?  Were they the only bird smart enough for the job ?   Its strange how one thought reaches out to another thought, not always on the same theme, but connected by something deeper in our brains.  If we lay in the sun, exposing a fatty area of our body, does that fat melt ?  Half of the questions I know the answer to, but I wonder about them all the same, and the other half, there really are no answers for.   I wonder about so many things each day.  Never about the "why did that happen? " sort of thing, because I know there is a master plan that I am not privy to and that's fine with me.  I am the fly by the seat of my pants sort of person anyway and knowing the hows and whys of life don't matter much to me.  I care more about my reaction to situations.   I don't get how the Double split experiment works, but I do love that we haven't a clue to so many things when it comes to quantum physics/mechanics.  I like that we have such a superior being in charge of us.   This morning on the porch I wondered if there are different time dimensions ?  Why not ?  God can do anything He wants.   I guess this morning my wandering mind didn't want to put any limits on what God can do and does.   I thought about something this morning that gave me great peace.....for years I believed I needed to dress a certain way, plain, Mennonite fashion, in order for God to know I loved Him.   I discovered this month that God meant what He said in 1 Samuel 16:But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”    God heard my pleas and didn't care one bit about how I was dressed.  He knows my heart.  You can so easily hide behind a covering of righteousness  in how you dress, look righteous, but be hiding secrets in your heart that no one would ever guess you had.  God sees through that and checks the heart out.  Man, well, we are so one dimensional, we, look at the appearance because that is what we can see in others the most readily.  Actions take time to decipher.  In an hours time on the porch alone, except for the wonder of nature surrounding me, I thought many thoughts.  Free time, time for gratitude too.  The way the sunshine enhanced the yellow of the little sunflowers that we have purposely take over a spot of the yard.  They are food for many little creatures, they are sunshine gatherers that delight the eye, once you decide they are not really weeds, but misplaced flowers.  Once you give them a place, they are suddenly full of purpose and beauty.  Maybe it should be that way in our minds with the folks that walk on the fringes of society.  Everyone has a purpose, but some folks just have lost their way and walk paths that never allow them to be seen as having value and by the worlds standards, that is what we all see or is it that we don't see.  
Life is a puzzle at times.  Remembering to not be frustrated when we can't find the right piece is key in actually key in getting it done in the end.  

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Mrs. G said...

Great post. I, too, am one who has questions that lead to more qyestions but rarely do I seek the answer. I am at peace with knowing God is in control . There are too many things to wonder about. To find all the answers would somehow make the mystery and expectations less inspiring to me.

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