Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Mei Ling is Home

Mei-Ling is home from the hospital !  No more trips back and forth, the worry is much less, and there was time to sit on the back porch this morning and enjoy the cool, damp morning.   The coolness felt so good.  Refreshing, invigorating.   Edgar brought a couple friends to join him for his morning meal.  I sat watching them "talk" back and forth from the cotton wood tree before they landed on the ground to eat.  It seemed as if they were making plans as to who was going to knock the bowl off the stand since that is exactly what they did.   There is not enough room on the Rubbermaid container for them at the same time, so they knocked the bowl off it and then ate the food that spilled to the ground.  I try to keep the food away from the ducks and chickens, which is why I put the Crows food up a bit.  Tonight, Emery is going to build a feeding station for Edgar and his pals.  Two of them now.  Allen and Poe of course.   
I sat watching the birds while getting some spinning done.  Stopping to sip some coffee once and a while.  No phone, no man made noise, apart from the sound of an occasional car going down our road.  
I needed a quiet, do nothing but fun things, kind of morning.  I never bothered to put on shoes or comb my hair.  I dressed comfortably, and threw my shawl to stay cozy and warm.  My feet got cold but it felt good in an "know summer heat is not far ahead of us" sort of way.  You learn to treasure cool weather after a hot dry summer like last years.  You don't want to forget what it feels like to have to pull the covers up, or have your feet cold.  
This morning as I sat on the porch, time to think, time to talk to God as if He was sitting next to me, in a very informal sort of way.  Asking questions I already knew the answer to and really didn't need to ask.   I knew that living this simple life, the kind where it doesn't matter to me if we have all the newest and finest material goods, where time with people matters more than things.  A life that is built on freedom to take time to just watch crows eat from a bowl in my yard, or pick roses and linger over the beauty of them.    A life where stress is not common and not a ruling factor in my life.  A life where I know how food grows and where milk comes from.
A life where the world at large sometimes feels so far away from my daily existence, in a good way.   A life where I feel connected to God and to my children and grandchildren.  A life where there is time to laugh with my husband and know for certain that our love grows each and every moment.  A simple life, uncomplicated even when things are difficult and hard.   Its a good life and I know it and I am ever grateful to live it.  It isn't luck or some toss of the dice that has given us this life, it was a plan, hard work and a desire to march to our own drumbeat.  Its worked !

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