Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What Have I Been Doing ?

For the past week I have been busy working with Emery to transform our guest room into a proper girls guest room. One that a girl can find that sort of old fashioned moment of reprieve from the busy-ness of modern life.
We put up a wooden tongue and groove ceiling and painted it white, really giving the room that cottage feel to it and from that point on it was creating the space I wanted.
I have always loved bed crowns but to me they are a bit costly, so I purchased a little black metal shelf at Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off and then rubbed it with gold leaf. Tied on the drapes with ribbon and put some paper flowers around the top to dress it up just a tiny bit.
I have filled the room with things dear to me and things I love to look at. In a way, this room is for me, as it will have my writing desk in it, by the window and am on the hunt for a cozy easy chair to put in the corner near the lamp as a place to read and gaze out the window at the birds or watch the wind tussle the clothes around on the clothesline. I even have plans to put in a little herb garden by that side of the house, so one window will look out on the rose garden and the other window out onto a proper kitchen herb garden.
There are still photos to put in frames, old ones, generations tied together by perhaps photos of my grandmother as a baby wearing a certain dress that we have all worn and had our picture taken in, even now, Mei-Ling has had her picture taken in it and perhaps a wall covered with pretty frames of all the matriarchs in the family, back to my great great great grandmother
We are working one room at a time to have our home just the way we want it. Perhaps with the look of an old English cottage.


Leanne said...

oooh that room looks wonderful!

Diane said...

It is a very pretty room. I love the wallpaper and the drapes above the bed. I could really be refreshed after a day in that room. Good job!

Teri said...

What a beautiful room!

nancyr said...

You have made the room truly lovely.
Anyone sleeping there would have to feel a peaceful presence.

nancyr said...

You have made the room truly lovely.
Anyone sleeping there would have to feel a peaceful presence.

Julze said...

ooooh...sooo pretty! I love the english cottage garden look!

Lisa said...

Gorgeous room!! Very restful and soothing. Weren't you also doing one of your rooms red and black or black and white? I can't remember now! Lisa in NM

aimee said...

Good job on your room makeover--it looks like a great place to relax! I LOVED your idea on displaying photos of the matriarchs in your family on the wall!

Anna said...

Wow, the guest room came out beautifully, Patty. You and Emery did a splendid decorating job. Would love to see that tongue and groove ceiling some time. It sounds interesting. I just love pink and white bedrooms!

Jenny said...

How lovely! Rooms like that are few and far betweens. I, too, would love to see the tongue and groove ceiling. What inspiration.

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