Thursday, October 30, 2014

Apples and More Apples

Things have been pretty busy around the homestead.   Now that my knee is starting to feel better, we are getting things done that need to be done before cold weather sets in.   In the last couple days, I have peeled, cored and sliced 100 lbs of apples for canned apple pie filling and for applesauce.   At the end of the day, my hands were red from holding the peeler and then the knife, but there is a remarkable sense of accomplishment in getting such things done.   Next on the agenda, pumpkin butter and Amish Peanut butter Marshmallow spread.  
Today, we are cleaning out the wood stove and I will be "blackening" it this afternoon so we can have a fire tomorrow while we can still have the windows open.  Sometimes the first fire after getting the stove looking like new, can smell a bit.  Having the windows open is a real plus.   The cover for the sofa and chairs are on the line, all nice and clean.  (Ikea furniture sure makes life easy for you by having so many things washable). 
We are having fun getting things ready for cooler temps.  New cover on the down comforter. Curtains taken down so they will stay clean during wood stove season.  A nice supply of wood stacked on the south porch.  Houseplants coming in the house once again and afghan and quilts finding their way to the back of the chairs, for those chilly mornings.  
This is a fun time of the year for us.  We love the cool mornings after the long hot summer.
Life is abundantly good.  We feel so blessed.

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Roses around the door... said...

Patty I am glad your knee is healing, I still enjoy your blog, lovely photo's :)

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