Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Its A Beautiful Morning

Sunshine at times and gray clouds that come and go.  Winds from the south, bending the tall trees as if they were saplings.  Its not a bad wind, just wind, the kind that comes off the prairie in summer.  The blue jays are squawking at me as I hang up the laundry, they must think I am too close to their favorite spot.  The top of Emery's workshop, which gives them a fine vantage point to view the crow feeder.  They like the crows food as much as Edgar, Allen and Poe like it, and it seems everyone is raising a family right now, so easy food makes life better for these busy parents.  Even the Yellow Bellied Woodpecker is in on the action several times a day and both woodpecker parents hold their own when the blue jays try to shoo they away.   Today there are pumpkin seeds to plant, so we can have lots of pumpkins for baking this fall and of course the children love to pick pumpkins to decorate.   Its an easy sort of day, no pressure to accomplish anything by a certain hour.  No "17 jewels to dictate the rules" as was once said.  I wonder now, how many young people would even know what that refers to.  We live in a digital age.    Last night I wanted potatoes for supper, and had the joy of just walking out to the garden and digging up just what I needed.  And, while there I picked some summer squash and zucchini for our vegetable.  I like knowing the history of our food.  I enjoy remembering the cool spring morning when we planted these things.  I like being able to sit on the old metal truck tool box that sits along the garden fence, under the oak trees and admire whats in the basket of just picked goodies.  Perhaps, I linger longer than I should, sitting there, cross legged, dirt on my hands and feet, listening to the birds sing, the ducks splash in their pool and watching the chickens, all 30 of them, hunt for bugs.   But, time is mine right now, so I lay back on the tool box, looking up at the clouds race across the sky.  Simple pleasures.  Much joy.  I whisper a prayer for my loved ones and tell God, how grateful I am for all that I have in life that fills my heart to overflowing and then decide, its time to get busy.  Life if good.


aimee said...

Beautiful post and photos Patty! Thank you for the reminder to live in the moment with joy and gratitude.

Renee said...

Thank you for sharing those beautiful moments of your life!

mari said...

You live with a heart filled with gratitude Patti. It is a joy to read your words. God bless!

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