Thursday, July 07, 2016

Retirement Joy

What fun we are having being retired !  We thought time would slow down when we retired, but not so, it seems we don't have enough days in the week to accomplish all that we want to do.   Emery and I love spending every moment together and it seems we just laugh half of each day because we are having such fun. 
The Spring time was busy for us, gardens to get into shape after the winter, and we each had projects we were involved in.  For me, it was knitting socks for our late summer hiking and camping adventure, and for Emery, it has been keeping up with the gardens and having plenty of time to read the books on his list.   
At the end of April my dad, now 94 flew out to see us and will be leaving the middle of August.  How sad it will be to see him go.   He is doing well, but at this stage of his life, he is beginning to see some changes in what he can and cannot do.  Before he came out here, he did the difficult thing of selling his car and no longer driving.  Its been so hard on him.  He is an independent man. 
The Grandblessings are getting big, Mei-Ling is now 9 and has been doing great.  Soon Elizabeth will be 9 also.  Yen is now 6 and Victoria is soon to follow him.   Axel, he is two now and such a joy.  We are so blessed to have our children and grandchildren close and what joy it is to see them all often.   A close knit family is a source of great happiness.
Its now, hot summer here.  Heat indexes of over 100 for what seems like weeks on end.  The upcoming trip to the mountains will be a welcomed change of temperatures.
Soap was made last month and yesterday I trimmed the bars and have them stored away.  The lavender scent, filling the cabinet.   Daily we check the fig tree for just the right moment to pick and then dry the figs, and also keeping an eye on the Elderberry bushes.  We are out of elderberry syrup from last years harvest and I must say I am more than anxious to be restocked.   Elderberry syrup kept us free of colds and flu all winter, but when we ran out in April, I caught a nasty case of walking pneumonia.  No fun at all.
As you can see, we have been busy and I don't see any slowing down any time soon.  
Life is good and happiness and contentment fill each second of every day.   


Angela said...

How lovely! You make me long for my husband's retirement!

Paula said...

Happy to see your new post! Have missed you! Love, Paula

aimee said...

Beautiful family photo Patty! Happy to hear Mei-Ling is doing well :)

Cathy said...

I just LOVE your blog. Your words always touch my heart.
Blessings to you!!

Cissy Foster said...

Lovely to see the entire family together! So happy that all is well with you, have missed your postings....yes, even retirement is a busy time of life. God Bless you and your family.

Christine said...

Nice...I make it a habit to enjoy every day.

Michelle, a heart at home said...

That's a beautiful family portrait! It's so nice to know you are enjoying retirement. We have about 12 years to go, but we would also like to do what you are doing and hike....but for us it would be the Appalachian Trail.
I hope you will blog about your adventures...I will make a point of visiting your blog to follow along. (I used to read frequently, but have taken an extended break from the Internet/reading blogs so haven't visited in quite a while)

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