Wednesday, February 03, 2016

The Good Life

It's not icy today, but its certainly chilly outside as I bring in the laundry.  I was wishing I had my fingerless gloves on, but still I linger taking each piece down.  The sun is sinking in the western sky, bathing everything in a glorious golden glow.  The tree tops, the roof tops, and over all of the field across the road.  The birds are making their last visit of the day to the feeders and catching that gold from the sunshine on their wings as they dart about.  The sheets smell of cool, clean air as I fold them into the laundry basket.   How sweet we will sleep tonight on them.   I stand at the screen door for a minute, soaking in all the sights and sounds.   The chickens clucking near by and Miss Kitty tickling my leg with her fluffy tail.  Emery is finishing up his work on the house for the day. Old houses always seem to need something done to them and that is good in a way, as it keeps my retired man busy.   How blessed I feel as I walk through the back door and into the kitchen.  Freshly made bread filling the house with a wonderful smell.  The wood stove glowing with warmth, casting a copper reflection on the floor of the living room.  All is well, and for this and so much more, I thank God above. 


Roses around the door... said...

Dear Patty, lovely to read your post. I do think of you from time to time. Wishing you a very healthy happy new year. Best wishes x

Suzanne said...

Love simple things like these. Life can be quite full with simple:-)

Diana said...

I subscribe to Bloglovin, and I check EVERY DAY to see if you have posted. I am so sorry to see that you do not. I understand the rest of the world is on Facebook, but I am not and will never be. I am sure many other people miss your posts who started out following your blog and deeply wish you would not have decided to post somewhere else.
I just want you to know you are missed in this space. Please consider coming back.
diana in illinois

Kim said...

Hi Patty,
It has quite a while since you posted. I hope all is well.

Faithful follower,

Anonymous said...

Hi Patty I looked at your Facebook page and it now says you are an author. When did that happen and what did you write ??

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