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Where Have I Been ?

This has been a crazy Spring in Texas.  As of yesterday afternoon we have had close to 50 tornadoes, rain about 22 of the 27 days of May and so far, we have made three trips to the tornado shelter.  One of the worst springs I can remember.  Our land is a giant mud puddle, the garden is a mess and the poor chicken house will take a month to dry out.   
But, aside from the weather, its been a great month.  My girls and I along with Melissa's husband and baby, went to see my very healthy, very active 93 year old dad and my sister and her husband in Florida.  We just went for a long weekend but we had a great time.  Got to enjoy some sunshine, the beach and go to the pool a couple times and watch Axel swim like a little fish.  
Before leaving for Florida I had seen a really nice piece of accent furniture on Crown French Furniture's web page.   and decided it would be perfect for my bathroom.  Kept the image in my mind and decided to be on the lookout for a piece of second hand furni…