Sunday, November 22, 2015

Are We Thinking Less ?

Modern life seems to be all about "Doing".   Social media has played a part in this, since we post about all the things we do or about what someone else thought for us.  We take on peoples thoughts without much thinking ourselves many times.  "Oh that's good". Or, perhaps we see something and the thought comes into our head, "wow, that should tell them what I think" but does it really say what we think ?  We seem to be bombarded with other peoples thinking.  The commentaries after the news, the shows that are all commentary, and social media is loaded with tid bits of commentary about every subject matter there is.   Its wonderful to be informed and I love that aspect of how fast news travels and how small the world can seem in relation to world events, but its easy to loose our own thinking time and just instantly hit the "like" tab and take on someone elses thoughts on a subject, without giving the old gray matter much work at all.  One thing for certain, its not easy to think things through on a deep level when we have the television on, or a DVD etc.  Even good music, is a distraction from the fine art of "musing" about this or that.   Quiet if fertile ground for fine tuning ones philosophy in life or deepening your spiritual life.  We all need time and quiet, to put together the pieces of what you have heard, read and digested to come up with something that belongs just to you.  I love being busy.  I love "doing" and I am one of the most guilty for posting things on social media of what I just did, etc, but I am also aware of how this constant status updates of our lives, seems to take something away from us.  Moments of sitting by the window, just looking out upon the world, thinking.  Or those marvelous moments we pause from reading a book and just muse over what we just read, digesting it, slowly and seeing how it fits into our lives or if we feel the same way.   
Even in a simple lifestyle we can get caught up in all the status updates of how simple our lifestyle is.   Its a ll about balance in this life, but I think, that is nothing new.  The new part, the modern part is simply one more vehicle to take us down the most traveled road.

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Morning's Minion said...

I have purposely kept my list of FB 'Friends' rather limited and I'm guilty of refusing a friend request from those whom I know will use the platform as a dramatic venue for things which shouldn't be publicly aired, or those who will only repost from other sources.
Its similar to our first years of email when one quickly realized that some who have our address will constantly 'FWD' hoax warnings, trivia, tired jokes and memes.
I appreciate FB as a way to stay in contact with far-flung friends and family who aren't likely to connect in other ways. Sometimes I simply scroll past or 'hide' a post which I don't care to explore.
Quiet time has always been important to me, vitally necessary to try and maintain my 'balance.'
I don't need an iphone or its equivalent--how sad that even in church I see individuals texting--sometimes to a person sitting just across the aisle. I notice that nearly every driver I meet on the road has a phone to their ear, chatting away avidly--about what?
It appears that I could launch into a rant about this! You've stated something which I find really important--maybe constantly updated 'status' is the country's new addiction?

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