Saturday, October 17, 2015

Life With The "Enhanced" Accelerator Always On

In downloading all my pictures onto the new computer, I grew annoyed by the "auto enhanced" feature.  It kept making my photos brighter than reality, changing the colors, sometimes subtly and sometimes with dramatic results and yes, I must admit, some enhanced photos made me say, "wow"  but at the same time, I realized that if I saved it that way, I would be saving something other than reality.   My phone does the same thing when I am putting pictures on Facebook, automatically enhances the photo.   After getting all my photos the way I wanted them to be on the computer, I started thinking about how it seems that just about everything we do now, is enhanced in some way.  The packaging on items are so often bigger, brighter and more appealing than reality.  Our television sets show life in something beyond "living color" with high definition that takes us far beyond looking around our own living rooms with our naked eye.   Music is enhanced to let us hear each and every beat, with most sound systems having choices into which sounds we want emphasized beyond what we could normally hear.    Our eyes and brains are being overloaded with a false reality.    Television and movies keep us so high paced, the FPS (frames per second) rate keeps getting higher and higher.   Our perception is changing on what is real and how fast life should move.    We can't wait for anything, patience is a virtue no longer in the eyes of most and yet, we hear more and more whisperings about how we have gotten ourselves in such a state, that in some parts of the modern world, Doctors are actually writing prescriptions for time in nature to cure some of our woes  RX in Nature 
Parents are being told that they should MAKE their children go out and play. Sad.  No one should have to MAKE children go outside and play.  I was always being told I had been out long enough and it was getting dark so I HAD to come inside.   We are buying into all this "enhanced" stuff without realizing what is going on.  We are cattle being led to the slaughter of reality.   If you stop and think about your day, your week, you can see all the places where we are moving from the beauty of the natural.  The subtlety of color changes.  The balance of colors in nature.  The ability to hear and see on our own what is real as far as colors, sound, taste etc.  
Real is just that, real.  Its honest, its basic and its good and it keeps us grounded from getting lost in a fake world where we need to be TOLD to get out in nature and be calmed by the beauty and serenity of the natural.     Seek out a place where you can look up and see the Milky Way, just as it is, seek out the mountains, the colors of the desert.  Look at trees as they are, the shades of green, the beauty of tree bark, just as they are.  Walk away from the enhanced accelerator that surrounds us and see things as they are.


Roses around the door... said...

So well written and so very true, Thank you for this wonderful reminder :)

KB said...


Diana said...

Wonderful to see you blogging here again!! You have many readers that do not "do" Facebook!!! (like me)
Thanks, Diana in Illinois

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