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Changing me

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself."
~ Author Unknown~

King's Heralds:Redemption Draweth Nigh

music at our house tonight....

Black Forbidden Rice

A new food for forbidden rice.  Higher in nutrition than brown rice.

Internet Addictions....

In the news right now there is discussion about how Internet addictions.   "Internet as addictive as alcohol, tobacco - A new study shows that the Internet can be as addictive as alcohol and cigarettes as deprivation may lead to feelings of unhappiness."   This kind of hit home to me after Emery and I mused over the fact that last weekend, I was sitting in front of the PC with a laptop to my left, on and functioning, with my iPhone to my right.  On my chest, a motion sensor to see how much time each day I am active or just sitting.  I was surrounded.    Last week I read where there are now vacations you can book that are Internet/cell phone free.  You leave your gadgets at the desk and discover what we had before we had all this stuff.  These vacations are gaining popularity.   I could use some of that.  Here it is 10 am and I have accomplished very little other than my facebook updates and a few computer searches.  I am not happy about that, but the reality is, the Internet…


The more steps I take forward in this life, the more I want to step back and live as simple as possible.


Mei-Ling with her waldorf doll I made her
Yen with his waldorf baby I made him
Elizabeth and Victoria

Ducks Bath Time

after the mud, the ducks enjoyed a morning bath

Ducks love mud

Our ducks had fun this morning in the mud

Photos of My Day


The Heat and The Drought

Texas is in dire straights concerning our drought.  Most of the state is under the category of "exceptional drought".   In our area we are just "extreme drought".  To me it sounds bad whichever term you use.  The leaves are falling off our trees.  The ground is cracked.  Our gardens are gone.  Too hot, too dry.  Today we are expecting temps of 106 and honestly I don't even want to know what the heat index will be for the day.  It will be our 24th day in a row of 100 or above temps.   We are over 30 days for the season of just such days.  1980 remains the record holder though.   When I was outside working this morning, I kept thinking how blessed we are compared to the pioneer days.  Our garden is gone, but we can shop for food.  We are not dependant on our crops for maintaining our lives.   Peoples wells are drying up but we have water all the same.  Our house is not as cool as some but its still comfortable.  We keep it about 85 inside.  I visited an old home …

The Journey.....

The journey I am on, is simply one of living each day, looking for the blessings, living with gratitude in my heart and spending much time in prayer.   Learning to want less, need less and see the magnificence of all that is around me.  Learning more to "count it all joy" and accepting Gods plans when they don't go my way.  Spending more time appreciating all the love that surrounds me.   Learning that I don't need to understand how everything in the universe works and smiling at the thought that faith often means not fully understanding things.  Smiling while often repeating, Deuteronomy 29:29  The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law.

Bread Baking Day and The Heat

Even though we are having a horrible heat wave, bread still needs to be baked.   The little air conditioner in the dinning room window cannot keep up with the heat of the oven, but it is still cool in the kitchen compared to the outside.   We use two 110 window units in the summer to cool the house and they do a good job except on baking day.  Usually I spend one entire day a week in the summer cooking and baking, so that the house is nice and cool all but one day a week.  We talk about some day putting in central heat and air, but its not pressing to us.  We love our wood heat in winter and keeping the house at 78 in summer works for us.  Our needs are simple.
Yesterday was bread baking day.  We have grown to love rye bread so that's what I make.  Yesterday though, I changed things up a bit and added dried cranberries and pistachios to the dough.  It smelled so good baking and this morning I tried some toasted.  Wonderful.  I use a simple rye bread recipe from my old Betty Crocker…

Yen dancing

My grandson Yen, age 18 months, dancing with so much joy

The Simple Life

The simple life allows for the important things, the things you can take with you, in your heart and in your mind.   The joy of watching clouds drift by.   Time to see the changes in a child's life day by day.  Time to look across the table at your loved ones, no waitress around, no check to come at the end of the meal, but at a meal prepared with love at home, healthy fare.   A simple uncomplicated life is void of having to impress others, keep up with the Joneses or fall asleep at night with your last thought being about what you want to buy next.   The simple life allows one to notice the changes in the seasons.  I often think about the ancient places across the globe where celestial calendars exist and think if we had to build one today, who would have the time to just watch where the stars are at night or measure where the sun and moon are each day of the year.   In living simply,  one can hear the different songs of the birds, know what creatures make up the night sounds.   …

Serenity, Hope, Joy, Peace and Love

Recently, my personal prayer time took a huge turn in direction.   Often times people ask us to pray for them regarding some specific issue and yet we feel uncertain as to know how to pray for that particular issue.  For most of my life, in such an instance, I simply prayed whatever the request was and added something like, "according to your will God", which is fine  but I honestly I wanted to pray deeper than that.  It seemed a bit like an old worn out cliche or an easy way to handle something I had no real connection to.  Yes, I had the right motives etc but it just felt as though I was skimming the surface of what could be prayed.     The other night as I prepared to sleep, which always starts with laying flat on my back, breathing deeply and clearing my mind...I thought about the idea of loving your enemies, I don't think I have any enemies per say, but there are a few folk in this life that just seem to want to make my life unsettled.   I lay there thinking about t…

Enjoying lifes waves of transformation

Life is full of change and I personally embrace change, embrace transformation, enjoying the waves as much as a surfer might.  There are waves that take your breath away because of the beauty and then there are waves that are so much bigger than you expected and take the breath out of you simply because they are overwhelming.  You see lots of folks that just get on the boogie board of life, riding the small waves only, never moving much further than the shallows, and others seem to just fight each waves of change with anger and resistance that is indeed futile.  Seems to me, the best way to embrace the changes that come to us, just as sure as the waves come to the shore, is to learn to enjoy them, learn how to ride them with grace with an element of adventure.   I was thinking today about all the changes in my life and how each one has brought with it a gift, a transforming aspect that has made me wiser, better able to cope and given me a greater understanding of where others have bee…


We are as humans, fueled by energy.  Every cell in our body works by way of energy.  Energy is light.  You can change energy but you cannot destroy it and you cannot make it.  I have always seen energy as the ultimate gift from God, I personally believe He breathed energy into Adam at creation.  If ever you have asked a person who has lost lots of weigh, how they feel now, they so often tell you they feel so much "lighter" and will follow that up with something like..."lighter as in light, not only lighter as in weight."   I came to realize this past year that being overweight has kept me from letting the light, the energy inside me show, or perhaps a better way of saying it would be, letting that light fully experience life, let it shine.   We all know what happens when we put a drape over a lamp, it defuses the light, dims it.   I think for me, having extra fat is like that drape over a light.  It dims the light that should be brighter.  I have even imagined that…

My New Toy "Fitbit"

My cousin told me about this new wireless personal trainer she got and how much she was enjoying it so I jumped right on the band wagon and got one too.  I am in love with this little gadget.  It tracks your steps, it will even monitor your sleep to see how well you actually are sleeping.  You log into your fitbit account on line and it will add your activities to your personal page and keep track of them.  You just need to be within 15 feet of the little dock that is hooked to the computer for it to be read.   It also has a display on the little gadget so you can check your steps, miles etc.  On line you can record the food you eat and it will tell you the calories, fat content, sodium, carbs etc.   You can keep track of your weight too.  If you are diabetic, there is a place to write down your blood glucose levels.  I can keep track of my heart rate, blood pressure and measurements on the site too.  The little monitor does not monitor those aspects of your health, but its nice to be…

Wandering the Wilderness for 40 Years

There have been many times I thought about the Israelites wandering the wilderness for 40 years on a journey that should have taken much less time.  It was only a 240 mile journey after all.   I have often mused that the journey was not a measure of time or distance but one that involved emotional baggage.  It took that long for some folks to dump the junk they carried and for others it ended up their death sentence that they could not put the past behind them.  They cherished things they shouldn't have and those things kept them from the promised land.      Earlier in the week I was reading something on the web about finding our authentic self and as I read it, I was struck with something...our authentic self according to this definition was indeed exactly what Christ tells us we should be as believers.  This definition was exactly the sum of the words Jesus spoke when he said "unless we become as little children".   It went on to explain how our authentic self feels pe…

The Journey is today

Soft music, wind chimes outside the window where I am painting, dance in the summer breeze.  The two sounds mingle in pleasantness.  Incense burn, creating an atmosphere of a spiritual nature.   Paint brush in hand I work on finishing up the living room.  Over the weekend I redid the ceiling.  Joint compound thinned to the consistency of pancake batter, rolled on and then textured using a slap brush technique.   After it was done, we painted it.   Emery put up a new light fixture in the living room too.   What struck me with all this work, was that this too is part of life's journey.  This quote came to mind as sweat rolled off my forehead...."Before enlightenment - chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment - chop wood, carry water." ~Zen Buddhist Proverb

The destination of this journey I have begun in earnest is indeed the journey itself, the work of it, the work of life, the day to day.  The awakened awareness within me of my actions.  That no word is insignificant, n…

Our 4th of July

Mei-Ling, Yen, Melanie, Casi, Emery and I, all had a wonderful 4th of July !

Understanding the Declaration of Independence - 9 Key Concepts Everyone ...

Happy 4th of July !

A Milestone on the journey

Watering the gardens this morning gave me plenty of time to think, to pray and to reaffirm what I already know.  Life is amazing.  Life is good.  Life is full of joy.   In the early morning, the hot air has not arrived in its fullness which makes it pleasant to be outside working.   I discovered this morning, with a fresh view, that I love a simple life that is filled with old-fashioned ways.   It is in this life, this homestead existence that I feel the most at home, the most peaceful and the most connected to the Creator.  It is a milestone for me on this journey of life to reaffirm what I love.