Monday, November 14, 2016


I am not sure how it is that time has past so quickly that it has been months since I have posted.  We were sure that once we retired, we would have more time than we needed, but instead, it seems like we still need more hours each day to do all the things we want to.
The 3rd of November, Mei-Ling had a planned surgery to revise a previous surgery.  Everything seemed to go just fine, until it was discovered she had a pretty serious infection.  Emergency surgery was done last week and the next morning another surgery to do some additional repairs that were needed.   I think that was surgery #35 or somewhere around that number.  She is on isolation due to the infection and having an open wound.    It looks as if she will be hospitalized for many more days and she is beyond discouraged.  She hates missing school and no one likes being stuck in bed in a hospital room for this amount of time.  She cannot get out of bed, or leave her room.   My heart bleeds for her.  Today she had a little melt down, to which she is surly entitled and cried for quite some time.   She has been a real trooper, enduring pain which I cannot even imagine.  
I would love to have her flooded with get well wishes.  Fill her room with cards that will make her smile.  I am organizing a "card shower" for her, asking people to send her get well cards.   If you would like to participate, just email me at pasuhi54  @ for the address of the hospital.   You dear readers have been following her since she was a new born and I know so many of you feel like you know her.   She is still using the prayer quilt made for her several years ago.  
Thank you and of course, please pray for her to recover quickly. 

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