Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Morning On The Homestead

Early morning, the floors are cold, actually the house is cold.  The fire died early in the night.  Wool socks worn over fleece lined tights, warm skirt made of navy flannel with a tiny calico print.  Thermal shirt, and wool sweater.  Hot cereal cooking on the stove in the kitchen while I build a fire in the wood stove.  Emery out doing chores and bringing in more wood for the day.  The sweet sound of Patrick Ball playing the Celtic harp on the stereo.   The days beginning, as pleasant as last nights ending.  Its candle making day here, so soon the bees wax will be melting on the stove, ready to be transformed into hand dipped tapers that will chase away the darkness and fill the nights and mornings with a warm golden glow.  There is no rush, no time table, just tasks that need to be done when the need arises.   I suspect we will warp the loom again today and we will sit beside one another spinning and weaving, chatting, laughing and comfortable in the moments of silence that come when concentration is needed from time to time.  We will gaze out the window and watch the birds at the feeders and toss another log in the fire from time to time. An easy sort of day, perhaps as if we stepped back in time.  Its the way we like it. This simple life of ours, feeds our soul, breeds a sort of peacefulness that is so often lacking in the modern rush rush world.  Its going to be a good day, a simple day.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Retirement Fun

Yesterday, Emery and I took a class in Rigid Heddle weaving and we enjoyed it so much.
Since I am a spinner, knitter, we wanted to find something for Emery to do that was in the same line of crafting.   He loves detail and finds it soothing to untangle knots in yarn so in my mind it seemed he would enjoy warping a loom.  To me it seems about the same kind of work !   We both enjoyed the class so much, it was a full day of learning and weaving. 9-5.  Warping the rigid heddle is not too bad so I didn't mind even doing that part.  We are certain that weaving is a perfect fit for Emery, so we purchased a Schacht Flip loom and stand.   We see hours of fun working side by side, near the warmth of the wood stove, spinning and weaving together.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Welcome 2015

How could I get so far behind on posting to my blog ?  Time seems to be passing at warp speed lately.  The days flying by.   I guess if the old adage is correct, that means I am having lots of fun.   Today the snow is flying and its cold out there.  The snow is not sticking yet, but it sure feels wintry out there.   The birds are busy at the feeders, the wood stove is burning bright and my knitting needles are flying fast to make mittens and a hat for Axel.   This week we celebrated Yen's 5th birthday !  What fun we had.  This week we also had the coldest temps in a years time.  The wind chill was in the single digits for a while, making me very thankful for down jackets at chore time and down comforters at bed time.  
I have been wondering a bit about what 2015 will be like for us.  I pray its a year filled with a deeper understanding of what really matters in life and a greater closeness to The Creator and His will for our lives.  No big resolutions for me, just a desire to have a closer walk with God, to have ears that hear His small still voice and to be willing to accept His path for me. 

Happy 2015 to each one of you !

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