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Simplicity of A Day

Less time on the computer, more time wandering around our land.  More time, looking, focused on the moment.  Prayerful heart, grateful heart.  Simple pieces of my day.

A Stroll Around The Garden

Turks cap, Soapwort, Chickens, Rose of Sharon, Fairy Roses, Butterflies, Elderberry bushes, Morning Glory, the wood shed, Blue Asiatic Dayflower, , and from the garden, tomatoes and beets.    All delightful pieces of my morning.    
With each step, I am filled with gratitude for the beauty around me.

Hate, The Over Use of the Word

The Dictionary defines hate, verb, as: feel intense or passionate dislike for (someone).

synonyms:loathe, detest,despise, dislike,abhor, execrate;Hate is a serious feeling, one connected to passion. Last week I was watching the new show "Welcome To Sweden"  So far, I am enjoying the show for many reasons.   The scenery is lovely, the Summer home is to me a dream kind of home and of course I love listening to all the Swedish dialog. At the same time as the show is entertaining and very funny, there are bits of wisdom that I really appreciate.  You get a little glimpse of what other parts of the world view the Americans.  There is the stereotypical aspect and then something a bit more philosophical.  One scene last week has left me thinking about the over use and perhaps misuse of the word HATE.   In the scene, the family is gathered around the table and the mother offers the American boyfriend a cinnamon bun, the young man says, "No thank you.  I HATE cinnamon"  The …