How Time Flies
It seems impossible to me that it has been nearly 2 years since I have written on this blog.  I suspect that social media has changed the way we communicate our thoughts to some degree.   And, maybe I have changed enough that my thoughts and feelings no longer feel like they are ready to explode out of me.   Perhaps, I have at age 65 been able to work a bunch of things out ! 
For my long time readers, I can share with you that everyone in the family is doing great.  The grandchildren are growing up so fast and each one a true delight.    Covid has kept us apart in some respects, but we zoom, we FaceTime and we IM with each often.   I am thankful for being so close with our children and the grands.    
Emery and I are having great fun with the gardens this year.   We planted a wonderful space with plants to attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.   What a magical space it it.  So full of life and color.
I had some issues with a knee injury that has kept me down a bit.  First a torn meniscus from working out that required surgery, then I over did the physical therapy part of my recovery and ended up with a serious injury to my Iliotibal band, that was far more painful than the surgery.   Due to the pandemic, we had cancelled our annual hiking trip which worked out for the best all around.   I also had to cancel a trip with my daughter and her family to Sweden and Norway.    Maybe things will be looking up travel wise by spring.
This difficult period in history has created a multitude of emotions for many people and if there is any solution to the heartache, it is simply to be filled with love, empathy, compassion and hope.  


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