The Days Slip By So Quickly

How amazing it is to me, how fast time is flying by.     We were certain that with my husbands retirement, we would have so many more hours in our days, but instead, it feels as though the days pass by more quickly.   I find our days, well occupied with our hobbies, with our family and with daily tasks.   I now wonder how I had so much time to sit at the computer in the past !  
The word "contentment" is how I sum up my life right now.  Easy flowing days turn into weeks and months.   My knee replacement 7 months ago has given me freedom from pain, which allowed us to take our annual backpacking, hiking trip easier.    We had so much fun.  There was adventure....a bobcat fighting its prey right beside our tent one night...the sounds were terrifying.    We also had a black bear get into our car, looking for food but not finding any. But it did do a lot of damage to the car trying to get into the trunk.    There are stories from this trip that made the grandchildrens eyes grow wide as I recounted our adventures.   
The last few months we have experienced many medical issues with our youngest daughter.  Seizures, 5 surgeries and several hospitalizations.   As you can see in the picture, she is doing quite well now, standing in between her husband and sister.   How blessed we all feel to be seeing her health return.  
Life is good, perhaps not always easy, but there is faith enough to carry us through.   


Rose said…
Patty its lovely to hear from you! your family are growing so fast, I wish your daughter healing thoughts. God Bless Jackie :)

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