Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Doing Great

Mei-Ling is doing fantastic !  Not sure I could have ever imagined her recovering as fast as she is.  Today she spent some time with me and we played paper dolls.  One of my cyber friends made her two beautiful sets of paper dolls to play with during her recovery and they sure are a big hit with Mei-Ling.    Mei will be in her cervical collar for about a month and then, hopefully she will be able to run and jump and not hear us all saying to her, "be careful, don't run".

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Super Supermoon

Last night Emery and I went out in search of some good photos of the Super Moon.  After taking nearly 130 photos, I have settled on sharing 4 of my favorites.  In one, it looks like Emery has caught the moon for me !  We had a fun evening.

Friday, June 21, 2013

MidSummer Morning

This morning felt pretty normal, breakfast on the porch, celebrating MidSummer, or the first day of summer.  Coffee, Finnish Pancakes, Fresh strawberries.  Flowers picked from the garden. 
Birds singing, bugs buzzing on the other side of the screen.  A gentle breeze, but temperatures that remind me it is summer.  A deep sense of gratefulness, that Mei-Ling is recovering so quickly that you would never guess she had just had major surgery.    Life is good !

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Look Who Is Home

Seems like this girl heals at super speed.  She was discharged this morning and is here at our house for a couple hours with her mommy and brother.  Tonight she will get to sleep in her own bed and she is looking forward to that.  She hasn't even had pain medication since early in the morning.    So happy to see her walking around and smiling.

Walking in The Garden

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Out of ICU

Mei-Ling is now out of ICU and in a room on the surgical floor.  She even sat up for a bit today.  When I arrived to see her this late morning, she was eating some pizza !  The strength of this child is beyond remarkable.   Even when they were doing something that caused pain, she didn't cry, but only said, "ouchie, ouchie, ouchie"   I brought her gnome pal Gorman along with me.  He is the little gnome doll I made a couple years ago, that is responsible for magic around here.  He leaves notes, he bakes cookies at night and all sorts of amazing things.  Today I finished the sweater for Turte, his new little friend.  I made her mittens and hat while Mei was in surgery.  Good way to pass the time.   Tomorrow she will have new pants and some "fur" boots.  I pray that tomorrow be a better day for out little angel, and that the pain is less and less.  They hope to have her up walking a bit tomorrow, so it will be a big day for her.  CT scan was great today, the Doctors were all well pleased.    Thank you again for all your prayers and healing thoughts.  

Monday, June 17, 2013

Update on Mei-Ling

The surgery went well, and now recovery.  Tonight she is experiencing some pain and discomfort, but the staff are working hard to manage it for her.  Keep her in your prayers.  Tomorrow a CT scan to make sure all is well.  She will be in ICU for one day, provided everything continues as it has.  Thank you all for your prayers and healing thoughts.  

Surgery completed

Just a quick note to let you all know, your prayers have been heard.   Surgery went perfectly.  It ended up they did not have to use her rib for bone graft.   ICU tonight.  CT scan tomorrow and  perhaps home in 3 days.    The power of prayer is amazing.   The Doctor agreed to that fact.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

PRAYERS PLEASE, Surgery First Thing Monday Morning

Tomorrow morning, very early, around 7 am. Mei-Ling will be having her surgery.  We are praying for her, for her parents to be strong, for the Doctor and for Mei to have a speedy recovery without much pain and discomfort.  She is such a strong little one, never complaining about the things she has gone through, but always looking to the bright side of things and how much better her life will be when all this is behind her and "she can run and jump and take P.E. in school !"   The surgery may take around 10 hours so many prayers are needed.  They will be putting a plate at the base of her brain and doing a spinal fusion.  My heart aches just thinking about what she will have to go through.  God will be with her every step of the way and we feel very good about the surgery, just hate the thought of her having a moments pain.  
I thank you in advance for your prayers and healing thoughts.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Catch Up Time

In the past week, we have been trying to get a lot of experiences in for Mei-Ling, since Monday morning, 7 am, she will have her surgery.  One day last week, we let the little ones pick plums and let them get as messy as they wanted, which was followed by some fun in the pool.  Mel-Ling had to be very careful in the pool but she still enjoyed it.   It seems everyone in the family is working hard at not being too worried about this operation, but we all are very aware of the risks and the seriousness of it.   Mei-Ling of course is her cheerful, optimistic little self.  Telling us over and over how much she is going to enjoy the results of the operation.  Being able to run, jump and even take PE in school next year.   
I ask for all your prayers and good thoughts this coming Monday morning for our sweet little angel.   She asked me just the other day, "Grammie, you miss your mother don't you ?"  I told her I did, to which this little old soul replied, "Don't worry Grammie, I have enough love for you to make up for you missing your mommy and remember I live just down the street, so when you feel lonely, you can just come see me."   Her heart is so big.  

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Sunflowers and Wildflowers

A short drive from home landed us in the middle of a sunflower field.  All along the road, wildflowers still in bloom.  This has been the most amazing year for wildflowers.  They just keep coming !  Right now the Standing Cypress Ipomopsis rubra (Polemoniaceae) are blooming and they are one of my favorites, with their tall red blooms.  
Fields of Indian blankets are everywhere !

Catching Up

There are times when, tough stuff is going on and its just hard to articulate properly with words on "paper".  This has been one of those times.  We recently learned that Mei-Lings problems with her spine have escalated, requiring surgery as soon as it could be scheduled.  In the meantime, she can not run, jump, take a bath, (for fear of falling), no going over bumps in the road while she is a passenger.  Lots of restrictions and for those that love her, a deep concern regarding the dangers of the surgery, that will concentrate at the base of her brain.   They will also use one of her ribs for the bone graft.  A long recovery is expected.   She stayed with us last weekend, while Mom and Dad took a very well deserved, seriously needed weekend away.  However, both are so concerned that they didn't exactly find that rest they were looking for.   One of the first things Mei-Ling said to me when she arrived with her little suitcase was, "Grammie, can we make some cookies for my daddy ?  He is so worried about me, that I want to do something nice for him."  That is the kind of child Mei is.  We had a wonderful weekend, with a few moments of me trying to maintain a level of normalcy, despite the reprimand for running or hanging over the chair.  She had a talk with me, as she called it.  "Grammie, I am glad I am having this operation, you don't need to worry.  After the operation, I will be able to run, jump, take bubble baths and even take dancing lessons. Best of all, I can do P.E. in school next year instead of always having to just sit in the classroom."   She has to wear a cervical collar right now (24/7) and it doesn't look pleasant to me but she assured her mom and I about the benefits. " When I get tired, look, it holds my head up for me !"  The surgery will take place a week from Monday.  Of course your prayers and good thoughts will be appreciated.  Its going to be a new surgical procedure, but done by one of the countries leading pediatric neurosurgeons.  Needless to say, her prayer quilt will be making the trip to the hospital one more time.  How I love looking at all those squares and knowing each one was made with a prayer for our little one.   I feel peace about the surgery, no fears or worries, but I do hate the idea of our precious grand-daughter having to go through such an experience.  I know the recovery will not be an easy one, but also I know her doctors will not let her be wracked with pain.   
Amid all the worries, we have had fun too.   Picking onions in the garden. Making cupcakes, and little coconut cream pies. Out to eat, shopping for some new outfits and shoes, Pizza with everyone !  Watercolor painting, drawing, Chinese food, Starbucks, playing my little pony, (I was the hairdresser) and just having fun.  

A New Year

It is a silent sort of morning, sitting next to the wood stove in my rocker, watching the birds outside my windo...