Friday, August 31, 2012

The Strangest Photo I Have Ever Taken

I just went outside to take a photo of the blue moon.  I snapped about 30 pictures and when I came in to look at them, there was this one among the group, it looks like a boy sitting on the tree limb with a glowing belly.   To be honest, its a bit freaky !  I did nothing to the photo.  The moon is the glowing belly. 

Joys In Simple Living

The smell of freshly brewed pumpkin spice coffee fills the kitchen, mixed in with the mornings breakfast cooking.  The last day of the month of August is here and somehow it feels as if we are sitting on the cusp of change.  September is still a hot month in our part of Texas, but we all know that summers heat is nearing its end once September arrives.  Recent rains have caused flowers to bloom once again and for grass to green up.  Such a welcome change.   The hens have ended their strike of no egg laying, the ducks are both in a better mood, and all the creatures seem to feel that same sort of hope that cool weather is just around the corner now.  I sat in the morning sunshine, watching and listening.   Nature is a wonderful teacher.  
I feel thankful for this quiet simple life that we live.  We have time to sit still, time to think, time to wonder.  Time to wander the land and talk to God.   Time to embrace the joys of simple living.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Wise Little Soul

The conversation went like this..."Mimi, where is Grand Papa ?" I told her he went home to his house in Florida..."But, this is his house Mimi, he needs to live here with you and Papa. Mimi, where is your mother ? Oh yeah, she died. Do you miss her Mimi ?" "Yes, very much" I said. 
Mei-Ling paused a minute, then put her arm around me and said, "you'll be o.k. Mimi, I am here to watch you and love you. " This child is an old soul in a little 5 year old girls body.

Helene Bøksle - Heiemo og nykkjen

Quiet Morning

Knitting, Sunshine, morning coolness on the porch, coffee and a peace that is so real, I almost feel as if its able to be touched.   Music of  the album Elverhøy by Helene Bøksle seems to stir something unfamiliar deep inside of me as I knit.  An ancient sort of feeling.  It makes me long for a rest from technology and the demands put on us by living in such a complicated age. 
I am content today, to knit on a sweater for myself and watch the birds fly from tree to tree or soar high over my head.  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Tease

Yesterday we had a touch of fall weather, cool, rainy and nice enough to shut the air conditioners off and open the windows.  Felt so nice to air out the house.  I can't remember the last time we had a day in the 60's F.    This time of year, everyone around these parts, gets a bit cranky, summer heat gets to folks.  We are all tired of being hot and staying inside for much of the day.   With the West Nile problems being extreme in this part of Texas, no one wants to go out after dark when it gets a bit cooler in the day.   I am so ready for Autumn to arrive, and thankful for a bit of a break from the heat yesterday.  Sad to say, its back to summer weather today.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Change is in the air

Little signs that summer is fading.  Good signs to me, for I am weary of heat, weary of worry over West Nile and ready for wooly socks, warm sweaters and cozy fires in the stove

Deep and Abiding Joy

We are all blessed from time to time with a moment in time that solidifies in our hearts and minds, the things that are really important in life.   In the past year or so, I have like so many of us in this fast paced day and age, found myself being caught up in the "must have" mood.  It is a truth that our old home of nearly 100 years old has been in need of some "work".  Some of it, cosmetic in nature, along with some work that is just necessary.   I scanned Pinterest for pictures of kitchens I liked and gas ranges that made me swoon.  I repinned so many pictures that I found a few that I had repinned more than once !  Then, this past week, with my Dad here and all the children and grandchildren I discovered something I honestly knew already, that I could turn out really good food without having an updated, fancy smancy kitchen.  My Dad and Emery savored each and every mouthful of Coconut Cream pie as if it was world class and the biscuits for my fathers favorite strawberry shortcake rose to beautiful heights in our 4 year old white Kenmore stove just as beautifully as ever.  A stainless gas range with a hefty price tag would not have changed things a bit.  The laughter around our full table would not have been any sweeter, had there been a gleaming crystal chandelier over our heads.   The love shining from my husbands eyes as he sat back in his chair, content in knowing he and the girls pulled off the best birthday party ever for me, would not have been brighter had their been fancy crown moulding around the room.  You see, love in our hearts is not influenced by style, by the newest and brightest gadgets, its influenced by relationships, by things like joy, happiness and an openness to letting go of things that won't count in the end.    I needed this week to see all this once again with clarity.  When I climbed into bed night before last, my heart was so full of joy that it was hard to shut my brain down in order to sleep.  I just kept thanking God over and over for all the love in my life.  I know that He has given it to me, but I also know I have taken time to cultivate it, nourish it and most of all, cherish the gift given.   God has always been and will always be, my teacher.  I like to think that for most of my life, I have sought to hear that small still voice helping me along life's pathway.  Hearing Him suggest to me which road to take, which battle to fight, which word to hold back, which word to say.  Of course I have failed, more times than I care to think about, but I listened to Him when He guided me towards my husband and when He suggested the more difficult road to take with raising our children, and this week, with everyone around me, I sure am glad His gentle guidance has produced such joy in my life.  I also am glad for the reminder, that fancy smancy is just not necessary.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Most Wonderful Week

Last week my nearly 91 year old Dad arrived at our house, by car, from Florida.  The man is amazing.  He drove here without a single problem.  Played golf with our son, and kept up with all the busy-ness of our family.   How blessed I felt to have him here for my birthday yesterday, along with all our children and grandchildren.   The girls and Emery prepared a Gnome birthday party with me, complete with my favorite birthday cake from my childhood, the very same as what my grandmother used to make for me.  We had fun with moustaches and gnome hats.  I went to bed last night feeling like my life is simply overflowing with blessings.  I sat watching my children with my father and with Emery and I, and how wonderful they are to us.  So respectful, so loving, so kind and yet, so perfectly mixed with comfortable fun.   I fell asleep knowing that all the work of raising a family has paid off 1 million fold.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Cookies for Papa

Mei=Ling is quite the little baker.  She knows how to roll the cookie dough into little balls all by herself and today, she learned how to press them down with a folk.  Now, we will be taking Papa some of his favorite peanut butter cookies.  Mei always enjoys visiting Papa at his office !

A New Day

Juice fast is done, ended it yesterday.  It served its purpose.  Learned that it wasn't benefiting me to do it any longer.   Summer heat has really set in.  Yesterday was 106 F (41.1 C) and today is supposed to be the same.  Its our time to hibernate during the day.  Outside in the early morning to do chores and such.  Clothes on the line dry faster than if you used a modern clothes dryer !  I spent some time on the porch after Emery went to work, doing some knitting, and having some breakfast.  Whole wheat toast, with a sprinkling of cardamon and sugar on it and some coffee.  That feels like a perfect breakfast to me after all this fasting stuff.   
Always around this month, I am tired of summer and have dreams of wool socks, cozy fires in the wood stove, anything pumpkin flavor, jeans and flannel shirts.  Its the time of the year when I sit in front of the air conditioner and knit warm things, hoping to be able to use them earlier than I did last year.   I had some wonderful Crystal Palace Mini Mochi, Baby Face yarn calling my name that I had purchased last fall.  I found a delightful, simple patter for a sort of shawl scarf, called Nora's Comfort  that would show off the colors of the yarn perfectly.  I am making in on size 2 needles so that its a finer knit than the pattern calls for.   The colors are delightful ! 
It feels a bit like life is back to normal for me for the first time in many months.  A lot has happened in 2012 for our family, many many challenges were faced.    I like heading back to the simple ways, it feels a bit like coming home after a long journey.  Life is good and the simple life is even better.

Much To Catch Up....

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