Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Hour 2012 Official Video

This will be our 5th year of participating in Earth Hour, hope you will join us for one
hour to show the world we care.

The Beauty of Creation

Our Rose Gardens are full of color right now and the tiny Peggy Martin roses we just planted are loaded with fragrant little roses.  These bushes promise to take over the entire south fence line in just a few years.  As I wandered around the rose gardens, the air, heavy with humidity and the grass sparkling with dew, making it perfect for the roses to scent this heavy air with their wonderful fragrances.  Honey Locust blossoms dripping off the branches of this scrawny tree that has thorns that made Native Americans refer to the tree as "devil trees", yet their blooms scented with the sweetness of Heaven.   Peace filled my heart as I strolled from bush to bush, cutting the choicest blooms, nipping off the thorns, amazed at the intricacy's of each petal, and captivated by the perfume of each rose.  God has granted us such beauty to behold and fill our hearts with joy even when our hearts are heavy with concern.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Quiet Morning

There are times when we just need a quiet start to the day and today is one of those for me.  Sunshine and shadows resting on my morning tea time.   A small book to read, 1929 advice on the etiquette of letter writing.  Sound advice even for today, but letters seem to be a thing in the past for many.  We email, and chat on the cell.  Missing out on the thrill of getting the mail only to discover a hand written letter.   Perhaps today I will write a letter or two.  Yes, I think I will.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Glorious Morning

Sunshine, blue skies, gentle breeze, dew on the grass, roses blooming, honey locust blooms filling the air with a heavenly scent, laundry on the line, corn coming up in the garden, birds singing, and contentment flooding my soul.  Life is good

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Pre-Surgery Tea Party for Mei-Ling

One week from today , Mei-Ling will be admitted into the hospital for her biggest surgery yet.  The entire family is feeling stressed over what is to come.  Its hard for anyone to imagine an almost 5 year old being on bed rest for a month.   We have all been thinking hard about what sort of activities we can get for her that can be done in bed.   We have been making her hospital gowns to wear at home, so it will be easier to care for her needs and making pretty pillowcases for her pillows, so her bed will be a more interesting place to be.  She was delighted to have a tea party with all her cousins yesterday, a pre-surgery get together.  She will be spending Easter in the hospital and her 5th birthday will come towards the end of her recovery.  This tea party helped take the edge off her dread of having another operation.   We all had great fun watching her be Princess for the day.   I will be posting an address this week for those of you that have asked about sending her a little something for her recovery or a card to cheer her, can do so.  

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weeds !

It is truly amazing how fast weeds can grow, both in the garden and in our hearts !  Today, much of my day has been spent out in the garden, using the cultivator to do some serious weeding.  Its wonderful though, to see all the seeds we planted, sprouting out of the ground.   Corn, potatoes, broccoli, beans, peas, kale, cucumbers, zucchini and so much more.  I was able to pick about a pound of asparagus today too.  
And, after all that hard work, it was time for a break.  Afternoon tea always hits the spot and gives us that bit of a rest we need in order to gear up for the next round of garden work in the late afternoon.  

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Morning Walk

On a morning walk, Mei-Ling discovered that Vultures eat stinky skunks for breakfast and that baby dolls quite enjoy a walk in their Pram. You can really find shamrocks and that lavender from the garden smells really good.

Spring Break Means A Sleepover at Grammie and Grandpa's

Wednesday Afternoon Tea with Chocolate cups filled with a bit of chocolate cake and topped off with Mint Mousse and a piece of an Andes Mint.  
This morning we woke up and Mei-Ling set the table with some of her treasured rocks and a few Easter Eggs to help make the table look pretty.  Breakfast of fresh strawberries, English Muffin bread toasted and topped with Lemon curd.   Earl Grey tea, watered down for a wee girl.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Is In The Air

With all the rain we have had in the past week, things are springing to life in the garden.   Along with the seeds we planted, there are twice as many weeds growing, but, that is what keeps us fit, doing all that weeding and cultivating each and every morning.  I love seeing the "new" green color on the trees.  Its so bright and yet not in the least bit garish.  Gods color choices are so perfectly pleasing to the eye.   Yesterday, when I was hanging up clothes, I was barefoot.  The grass so tender and soft.  It was still early in the morning so the dew was heavy in the grass, a bit chilly, but not uncomfortably so, more like refreshing.  I read once in a natural health book that walking barefoot on dew laden grass was good for you and it seemed so as I went about my business with the soft green grass under my feet.  Invigorating !   This is a wonderful time of the year.  A time of planning, a time of being outside after the cold of winter has kept us in more than usual.  Planting the gardens is a time of hope.  Its a time when you can so clearly see the wonder of  creation everywhere you turn.  Nothing seems haphazard to me or just the result of evolution.  It is so orderly, so planned, so intricate, so complicated, so perfect, so much the work of a true Master.    
This week we ordered more rose bushes.  6 total.  2 Big full cabbage type roses called "Eden" and 4 old English rambling roses from David Austin to climb along the fence line.  I have already planted 2 fairy rose bushes and three pink climbers along another fence line.  The rose garden will be a place of pure delight when all are in bloom.   If I had my way, there would be a hundred rose bushes planted in that garden so that there would be enough roses for every room all summer long.   Life is good.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Lemon Lavender Scones And The Company of A Dear Friend

What a perfect morning I have had.  Tea and scones with one of my dearest friends.  Its good to take time to visit and enjoy some morning tea.  
Just hot from the oven....Lemon Lavender scones with lemon curd.  Lady Grey and Rose Petal tea accompanied the scones.  So much to talk about that the morning turned into afternoon without any notice.  The company of a good friend is a very precious thing.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Lavender Day

While I sat at the spinning wheel, spinning some lavender roving, I sat some lavender blooms, newly picked right in the center of the wool.  With each draw, I could smell the sweet scent.  What a great way to spend a gray, drizzly day !

In His Care

“God’s hand that holds the ocean’s depth can hold my small affairs. His hand, which guides the universe, can carry all my cares.” ~Amish Proverb~
There will always be challenges in life, always an obstacle to overcome but God, in His unending love is there to hold us.   
The 2nd of April will be the day of Mei-Lings surgery.  She will be hospitalized three days prior to the surgery so they can prep her.  The Doctor told my daughter that the surgery itself will be a minimum of 8 hours and that she will spend a couple days in ICU then 5 days in a regular room.  Two weeks later, she will need to have another surgical procedure to remove all the tubing.   They will be creating a bladder for her from her intestines which is a big job.   This sweet and compassionate child of 4, will need to spend a total of 4 weeks in bed.
My heart aches to think of the difficulties she will be facing in the weeks to come.  We are all hoping she will be ready to celebrate her birthday at the end of April with no pain.
I know God will watch over this precious child.  I know she will be in His care the entire time, yet, this grandmothers heart aches to think of Mei having to suffer for one single second.
We are all working hard to think of ways to entertain her while she is recovering.  I have made some pretty pillowcases, and little hospital gowns for her and her doll.  We are stocking up on quiet time activities too.  Books to be read, etc.  Prayers will be appreciated in the coming weeks too. 
We are thankful to know,  that as Psalm 91:4 says.... He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; 

Much To Catch Up....

In mid January, we saw the passing of my father and after nearly two years of caring for him, it was so hard to see him leave u...