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Nature through the eyes of a child

Nothing is quite as precious as the look on a child's face when they see the first bits of green poking out of the soil in early spring. Mei-Ling looked on with wonder at the first seeds planted have now sprouted in the ground. With child-like enthusiasm, Mei-Ling grabbed her little girl size hoe and started working the soil, "like Papa does." I sure love being a grandmother, you get to experience all the wonder of childhood all over again and get so many kisses and hugs

Time To Plant

This weekend, Emery tilled the small garden, and a few rows in the older bigger garden that we hope to fill with raised beds through time. The rich brown soil smelled good to me as I sat there watching Emery work. The cat, "Mittens" thought the freshly turned soil was the best place to take her afternoon nap. The warm sun felt good. I love this time of year, digging into the soil, planting, planning and hoping for a good harvest this fall. The raised bed is working out so well, tiny green bits poking out from the soil, seeds planted and now growing. The plants we put in are strong and growing well, including the one plum tomato we put in. Not a weed in sight !
While we were out there working, I picked lots of fuzzy mullein leaves to dry, using them for coughs and congestion when needed. We pruned the apricot trees until the sky darkened with the approaching evening. A good day While we were outside working, the Sandhill Cranes made their way north, I heard them high above us b…

I Surender All

I woke up with this hymn in my head. Singing softly to myself, I lingered on the words a bit, thinking about them, mulling them over. Wondering how many of us really do surrender all, no matter what we claim, what we say even to ourselves. Surrender is so tied up with humility and trust. In the world we live in, the concept of true surrender is seen as a thing of the past, something no longer needed. Does the preacher in the million dollar mansion dare speak of humility and surrendering all to God ? Does the family understand surrender when they are in debt up to their eyeballs just so they can have all the things they think they need ? There are times, and they are far too often, that I try hard to dismiss the concept of surrendering my will to God, I want to live how I want, without even asking God if its His will for me. It might be even for what seems like small insignificant things, like what clothes to wear, what we read, what we watch on television, what we buy at the store, kn…

Cedar Waxwings

The Cedar Waxwings have been busy eating all the juniper berries in our yard. Love to watch them each year as they arrive en mass and then devour all the berries they can, leaving when they are done. Such beautiful birds.

Some of My New Favorite Things

My computer was at the Geek squad being checked out for a small problem, which left me with only the lap top, and although I enjoy the portable aspect of the laptop, I am a desk top person when it comes to blogging. So today I will try to catch up with all the things I have wanted to share with you. We have always been health conscience, but now with eating a mostly raw and living diet, it makes more sense to me to watch with greater care what I am putting on my skin, after all it is the largest organ of our bodies. For many years I have been searching for a natural deodorant that worked to no avail, that is until a month ago, I purchased this pump spray from Avalon Organics. IT WORKS ! Its lovely to use, and smells good and keeps you smelling good. I have had it a month and have not even used a quarter of the bottle. Its a good value for keeping harmful chemicals away from some of the largest pores we have and that are so close to our lymph nodes. I use the message oil as a moistu…

Simplicity of Life

The weather has been gorgeous here. Windows and doors open, fresh air filling the house with natures air freshener. Birds are singing the praises of the creator. Little clouds hang in the azure blue sky like bits of milkweed caught on the wind. New life springing up all around me. The first flowers of spring beginning to bloom, casting color on the drab winter landscape, reminding me of when you apply the first colors on the canvas of a new painting. Tiny buds are appearing on trees. It is an almost magical time of the year, when we sense the awakening of life all around us. It is this simple life we have sought out, that allows us me to stop and gaze in childlike wonderment at new buds, of singing birds, and the first insects to buzz around my ear.It has been the choices we made to skip the rat race of "must have's" and "really wants" that gives me time to stop and listen, stop and see the wonder of life. I would much rather have this deep peace that fills my …

Sprouting Beans in a Jar

this is how I learned to sprout beans !

Sprouting Wings !

Sprouts are a really good way to get some added nutrition, especially on a raw diet. Last week in the health food store I meandered down the isle that contained all the beans and seeds for sprouting and also noted that for $15.99 you could get a half gallon size mason jar with a plastic screen sort of top. Well, I am frugal at times and at home I had at least a half dozen mason jars that size but no fancy plastic screen lids, but I did however just purchase a bag of key limes, the bag was a fine plastic mesh, green too, just like the color of the sprouting lid. I figured that I could cut that bag into the right size squares to fit right under the mason jar rings. I did double the mesh, since I was sprouting some very tiny seeds. Has worked perfectly !
The little beans and seeds have done just what they were supposed to do, sprout tiny wings, which means I get to enjoy them on a sandwich today.

The Raw Food Way of Life

Eating a raw foods diet does not mean you eat the same old boring salad every meal, or just having a banana and an apple for breakfast. So far, this way of eating has been an exciting adventure. I have learned many new ways of preparing foods and having fun doing just that.
Emery purchased an Excalibur nine tray dehydrator with a timer for me and that has opened up a whole new line of foods for me to make. I had a dehydrator, but it was not capable of doing what the Excalibur can do. Its been running non stop since it arrived ! Still feeling great eating this way and found out by going out to eat one evening this past week that I really sleep better, feel much better all around, if at this point I just stick to the raw diet with the exception of something cooked each Sunday evening at home. Usually something like quinoa with raw tomato sauce on it. Yesterday I made a raw key lime cheesecake and made a large batch of raw onion rings that are then put in the dehydrator for a few hours. Al…

The Cedar Waxwings Have Arrived

These beautiful birds can strip our Juniper tree of its berries in a matter of hours. Once a flock arrives they stick around until the berries are gone.

Valentines Day

Usually I get flowers, perfume, and chocolates for Valentines day and an unexpected present or two. This year I had a request. . . I asked Emery for a raised bed for the garden. He was more than happy to do that for me, so I skipped the fancy perfume, flowers and chocolates all in favor of some organic soil, organic chicken manure and peat moss, along with a trip to Lowes for some fine cedar to build the frame. Emery and I had a great time working together on the project Sunday afternoon. The sun was warm and the sky was blue. Its garden time for us in North Texas and after 20 years of fighting weeds, we have opted to just build raised beds and skip the war on weeds. Emery made the raised bed a Cadillac, there is a top piece along the frame that will work as a bench, I will be able to sit while I work in the bed, rather than kneel on the ground. We will need many more such beds, but Rome wasn't built in a day so it may be a project that will take a few years to complet…

Its another Raw day !

Still loosing about a pound a day and feeling better all the time. I am a believer for sure now in this way of eating, but I will still treat myself to one cooked food a week and if we want to go out to eat once in a while I will go, just choosing a vegan restaurant where my choices in food can be healthy at least. We are so blessed to have Spiral Diner near us, which has been my favorite restaurant for several years now. For breakfast this morning, I shredded two organic gala apples, added raisins, some cinnamon, d few pecan pieces and a touch of agave nectar. Its wonderful ! For a snack this week end, I dried some smaller size bananas, they were on sale for 99 cents for a big bag, they were what the store considered over ripe, but to me they were just right for what I wanted them for. I often try to hit the market very early on Friday morning to get these bags of bananas so I can freeze them to use in smoothies or for dehydrating. We like to dry them whole, they get the texture of…

Busy Bird Feeders

Another Raw Day

This raw diet is about the best thing I have ever done nutritionally in my entire life.
The weight loss has been phenomenal, but the health rewards have been even greater. To date, I have been loosing about 5 lbs a week. Never hungry feeling, still no cravings for sweets. I even went to the food store hungry, passed the candy and donuts without even giving them a second look. Headed happily to the bananas instead. There has been a surprising benefit to this way of eating....almost no trash to take out this week. Emery remarked how we had only a little bit of trash in the bottom of the trash can for the whole week, however, we have taken a lot out to the compost pile. Lost of fruit and veggie peels ! It turns out that this way of eating goes well with our commitment to be "green". Today for lunch I had fake bacon made with eggplant that had been marinated then dehydrated. Its great and a perfect addition to a sandwich with lettuce for the "bread". Still having more and …

The Beauty of the Day with Thoughts on Multitasking

Yes, its cold, bitterly cold, and yes, there was snow flying this morning, swirling and dancing with the smoke from the chimney, but there was also beauty all around me. Birds in great numbers at the feeders, flashing color by my window panes. Red, yellows, browns, and all manner of shades of each. Little sparrows too, hungry in the cold.
Emery was able to be home a bit longer this morning due to icy road conditions and how we loved having more time together. With loving care, Emery carried in more wood for me to burn during the afternoon and he braved the -4 wind chill to fill my bird feeders so there would be plenty for the tiny winged creatures today. This gentle man of mine even went out to do my chores so I could stay toasty warm by the fire. Even with all the extra chores he did, we still had time to sit together by the window and watch the winter winds blow. The gray sky left the house seeming a bit dark and gloomy until we lit the lamps and enjoyed the golden glow that filled …

Nearly Two Weeks Eating Raw

There are times in our lives when we have to eat our words and everything I have ever thought or said about eating raw, is turning out to be opposite of what is my new reality.
For a long time now, years actually, I have felt this nudging feeling that I needed to be eating a raw diet, instead of paying attention to that nudging, I ignored it and frankly just made fun of the very idea of eating just raw and living foods, vegetarian of course.
Then one day two weeks ago, Emery and I were at a book store and right in front of me what the cookbook, or is that cook-less book, by Alissa Cohen titled, "Raw Food For Everyone" . Emery said, why don't we just get the book and give this way of eating a try. So we did. Within two days of eating raw, I felt better, not that I felt bad per say, but I felt lighter, had a ton more energy and just felt clearer in my thinking. To be fair, I had one day where I had a headache most of the day and it was probably due to cleansing, but it wasn…