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Winter Gnomes and Elf Slippers

Since I packed away all the Autumn decorations, including the gnomes, I made some Christmas gnomes last night for the children to play with. They are so tiny, about 2 inches tall without their hats. The girls braids are made of embroidery floss braided.
Today I finished up the elf slippers for Yen, they are so simple to make, the very same pattern my mother used to make slippers for me when I was a child. Just knit a square and sew up the bottom and halfway up one side, fold over the top and you have a pair of slippers. I put bells on the toes of Yens and even though I sewed them on very very well, we are not going to let him get his feet near his mouth ! Love this time of the year, so many fun things to make for the holidays.

The Beauty of the Day

The sun is hanging low in the western sky, the world around me is ablaze with the golden hues of the late afternoon sun. I just now went out to gather eggs and was taken aback by the beauty of the sun and shadows falling on the nest box closest to the hen house door. Golden rays, 18 karat at least, were cast over three perfect brown eggs, snuggled in the hay. The kitten under my feet meowed at me for her food, the cold winds are blowing today and I am sure she needed some fuel to help her stay warm, but at this moment in time, I was caught in the spell of the beauty of the setting sun. Mittens would just have to wait a minute for her food...I needed to soak in every aspect of this speck of time. A simple moment, but it felt Holy.
We so often don't take time to be outside during this part of the day, which is a bit sad. Right now, our leaves are turning color. Not the reds, oranges and yellows of New England that I grew up with, but still in their own right, there is beauty in them.…

More of The Homestead Heritage Craft Fair

Emery and I went back to the fair on Sunday to see what it was like on the last day. It was less crowded, but certainly there was less to buy as so many things had sold on Friday and Saturday.A friend of mine that is part of the community there told me there was about 7,000 visitors on Friday and then about the same on Saturday . Here are a few photos from Sundays visit. The little basket was made by a 5 year old boy in the community....extraordinary ! The first photo was taken from the car on the way home, it just felt like the sky was saying , "day is done."

More From Homestead Heritage Craft Fair


Homestead Quilts

Remember, these were all made by the children and young people of the community ! Amazing work

Homestead Heritage Craft Fair Weekend

Homestead Heritage Craft Fairhas been a highlight of the year for us for many years now, nearing two decades actually.
I love to walk the paths past the craft booths, smell the wholesome food cooking, watch the demonstrations of rope making, spinning, weaving, quilting, pottery, soap making, work horses plow the field, and see the animals. Its nice for me to see an entire community live like I do in so many ways. Yes, its true, I know how to do many of the things they demonstrate, but there is a silent bond that is formed with these folk as they do the same crafts of old that I love so dearly. Melanie and Mei-Ling came with us and Mei had a wonderful time, not a plastic toy in sight but she played and played, with rocks, and with tiny sticks. She loved seeing all the animals and eating home made ice cream and seeing all the pretty quilts and dolls. She enjoyed playing with Papa on the bench, while her mother and I shopped. The air was crisp and wintry, but we were dressed for it. It fel…

Thanksgiving Joy

The table was full, each chair filled with a friend or loved one. We missed having Casi dine with us but he had to work. He came later and enjoyed a plate of food after work. We missed having Melissa and James here, but talked to them on the phone just before we ate.
There was turkey, maple butternut squash, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing, New England corn pudding, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and angle biscuits, warm from the oven. Pies for dessert, piled high with fresh whipped cream. It didn't seem to matter that it was cold outside, the house was toasty warm from having the oven going all morning long. After we ate, the children played, babies got passed around with delight and we all sat back feeling very thankful for the bountiful meal and the many blessings in our lives. Melanie cleaned up the kitchen, washing all the dishes from the meal...I was so thankful for her help. Life is good, and I feel very thankful for all the good in my life !

Thanksgiving Preparations

Most of my day was spent in the kitchen, except for a short time when Melanie, the children and I went to Seven Sisters Bake Shop to pick up two Apple pies and two pumpkin rolls. It was a lovely day for a ride in the country. Both children fell sound asleep in the car. Yen on the way there, and Mei-Ling on the way home. My day started early, making stuffing for the turkey, and thanks to my dear daughter Melissa, I was once again able to make it with Bell Seasoning, a New England must for stuffing. She was kind enough to send me some. I made the sweet potatoes, the green beans, and our favorite New England Corn pudding, Tonight I made the pumpkin pies and had a workout cutting up two big butternut squash. There is a big pot of them on the stove right now, simmering in maple syrup. In the morning I will roast the turkey, cook the potatoes and make some angel biscuits. If I have time I will fry up some parsnips too. We eat such a typical Yankee meal every Thanksgiving. I love traditions …

A Real Eye Opener for Me

Today I came across a man who shared with me that his mother was wanting to move into his home, he sighed before he said the next part of the sentence. He said his wife wanted his mother to live on the property, but not in their house. I nodded, as if to understand. He then said, he didn't really want her to move in either. She was in his words, "very opinionated.". I thought about this after the conversation ended, and had a moment of conviction like I had never had before. I was that kind of mother too, opinionated. If I were my children, I would not want me to move in either. Immediately a couple things raced through my mind, first was a book I had read many years ago, a sweet Mennonite story book published by Rod and Staff."A Home For Grandma" by Joyce Miller. Its a sweet story of how three generations get along in one home. I remember how the grandmother was just simply a sweet woman. Kind, loving and gentle and quiet, just like the verse in 1 Peter 3:3 Yo…

Monday Morning Ramble

It's warm out this morning, so warm that I broke out in sweat as I was stacking wood. But a change is on the horizon, colder weather is coming our way. Cold for Thanksgiving, wind chills may be in the 20's. With the coming cold, it feels good to have some wood stacked up close to the house, rather than having to trek all the way out to the woodshed every day.
We have a family of squirrels that I have gotten to know. Momma squirrel has a very long tail, and a split in one ear. I call her, Mrs Long Tail and she is the most industrious creature. Always chasing her little ones, there are two as far as I can tell, or she is gathering acorns and pecans to bury all over our land. She squawks at me as I come close, and chatters loudly as if to warn me that she is far too busy for any social calls. I love watching them, but refrain from feeding them. Today, it seemed we were working in the same area with the same motive, preparing for winter. Wondering about the old wives tale, that you …